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Pennsylvania has a Supreme Court election on November 7th, 2023, as well as lots of other important down-ballot elections like school board and ELECTION ADMINISTRATORS!!

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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court

In 2020, no court was as critical to upholding the Presidential election results as the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. It did so in the face of aggressive challenges and a dangerous ruling by the radically conservative Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, which had stayed certification of the state’s election results. For this reason, this year’s open-seat opportunity on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is a critical hold for Democrats.

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Ways to help with the November 7th elections

🥾 Ballot Chase & GOTV Calls w/ Promote the Vote PA! Multiple times available. Sign up here.

🥾 Call Young Voters in PA and VA to GOTV w/ NextGen America! Multiple times and days available. Sign up here.

🥾 NexGen is texting out the vote. multiple shifts. Sign up here.